November 2017

On Monday 20th November we gave a warm welcome to Myra Robinson, our speaker who entertained us with her talk entitled, “Utterly Italy”.

We also displayed the bags made with Kate in the October meeting. Some fantastic creations were made, or are being made!


January 2018

Jacqui Hall gave an excellent talk about her nursing experiences in Afghanistan. She portrayed some of the cultural differences and it was wonderful to see the expert medical care delivered in challenging circumstances.

August 2017

Last summer’s shared supper on the lawn followed by a quiz was such a success that we did it again this month. Just like last year, we forgot to take photos of the evening.

Thanks again to Amanda and Liz for setting a challenging quiz….especially the photos!

Members who were present at the meeting collected the pottery pieces they created in June. Everyone was delighted with the finished products, which Emma did photograph for us.

Anyone who wasn’t at the meeting need not worry, the uncollected pots have been put to one side for next month.

September 2017

Fiona Clarke told the story of Jesmond Pool (as detailed in her book, pictured below). The pool first opened in 1938, but was closed by the council in 1991. The community came to the rescue and the pool re-opened in 1992 and has flourished since. We thank Fiona for taking time to share with us the inspirational story of our cherished community leisure centre. 

July 2017

Newcastle and the Suffragettes was the theme of our guided tour of Newcastle, expertly delivered by City Guide Marion Anderson. We were enthralled by the stories of the brave women, and some men, who fought for votes for women and equal pay here in our own city and Marion pointed out buildings that we’ve all passed many times that play a part in that special part of history. 

Afterwards, we visited The Old George, where Marion told us about King Charles I being prisoner in Newcastle in 1646 and his own visit to the same pub.

Thanks to Marion for a fantastic evening.

In August, we are back in our usual meeting place. There will be shared supper, outdoors if the weather allows, followed by a quiz – back by popular demand!

June 2017

We were pleased to be joined by Emma Clasper from Painted With Love at our June meeting. Emma brought with her some pottery pieces and all the equipment required for members to turn them into their own masterpieces.

Emma started by explaining how to add paint and details to the pieces, then left us to use our imaginations and skills to create individual items.

The results were stunning! We have some talented ladies amongst our members. Emma took the pieces away at the end of the evening to fire them in her kiln. We look forward to seeing the finished products when she returns them at our August meeting (August 21st).

Remember all – our July meeting is not taking place in the church hall. We shall see you at 7.30pm at Monument for our walking tour of the city, to end with a drink at the Old George.

March 2017

This month saw our 2nd anniversary, marked with our AGM.

Thanks to our WI Advisor, Irene Stobbs, and Jenny McLean for attending our meeting. It’s always lovely to have them with us and we hope to see them again before next year’s AGM.

We reviewed the past year – remember photos of most meetings can be found on this website- and all the lovely things we’ve been up to. We also outlined the events we have planned for the coming year. The committee are already looking at ideas for meetings for 2018 and will be asking for your input soon.

Irene and Jenny oversaw the voting procedure. Our committee members remain Diane Carter, Katy-Jane Cuthbert, Gillian Kenyon, Sue King, Lydia McCaslin and last, but not least, our President Diane was re-elected. Sue Sudweeks has also joined the committee, having been meeting and greeting visitors and new members for the last year. Remember our plea to all members – help is always appreciated! Whether you wish to join the committee or commit to making teas and coffees or putting the chairs and tables out at the start and end of the meeting – every little helps.

The committee’s annual report and the treasurer’s report were unanimously accepted before Marjorie Dodds entertained us all with her talk about her role as the Town Crier.

Marjorie taught us about the history of town criers, explained the relevance of her award winning costume, told us about the rules for cries and read us some very amusing cries.

Members had a go at writing their own cries – well done to our creative competition winners!