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AGM News 2019

During our AGM last week, we celebrated our fifth birthday, with a delicious cake. The AGM also included voting on the President for the year and Diane Walton was voted in again this year.

Best cake photo

August 2017

Last summer’s shared supper on the lawn followed by a quiz was such a success that we did it again this month. Just like last year, we forgot to take photos of the evening.

Thanks again to Amanda and Liz for setting a challenging quiz….especially the photos!

Members who were present at the meeting collected the pottery pieces they created in June. Everyone was delighted with the finished products, which Emma did photograph for us.

Anyone who wasn’t at the meeting need not worry, the uncollected pots have been put to one side for next month.

September 2017

Fiona Clarke told the story of Jesmond Pool (as detailed in her book, pictured below). The pool first opened in 1938, but was closed by the council in 1991. The community came to the rescue and the pool re-opened in 1992 and has flourished since. We thank Fiona for taking time to share with us the inspirational story of our cherished community leisure centre.